Meet Marla

I hail from the Chicago, IL area.  At 16, I wanted to be a makeup artist as I loved how it created an immediate and beautiful change!  However, I had this underlying interest in science that would still follow me years later. The color was fun and an exciting medium for me.   I studied stage, high-fashion makeup, and every book (no videos back then), by top artists. Naturally, this led me to hairdressing.

My career began as the assistant to a cutting-edge and well-known European hairdresser that operated several salons. The company was also the distributor for the Sebastian International product line.  I was being groomed for a variety of positions, both as a working hairstylist and as manager of an upscale salon that he owned.

Eventually, there were opportunities in the distributorship and I became a consultant for Sebastian International, a leader in its time for cutting-edge color and design.

After many years I changed salons and worked for two well-respected British companies. Toni & Guy (Tigi Bedhead products), and Jingles International.

“I was the most creative student she ever had”.

I continued my stylist work and ultimately came to Greenville, SC. Feeling the need for a breath of fresh air, I opened Oxygen Hair Studio ten years ago.

I’ve developed and perhaps always had a passion for art. Remembering an art teacher in my youth, she once told me “I was the most creative student she ever had.” There are many elements to consider when creating a beautiful shape and style. Upon consultation with my clients, I consider the texture, color, structure (head and body), and personality.

With over thirty years experience, my focus has been to create more natural, gorgeous hair while helping clients see themselves in a new light. I accomplish this by continuing my education on the latest hair trends and techniques, utilizing online platforms during the pandemic to bring you a fresh look.

My goal is to have the opportunity to provide you with extraordinary service and a defining look with beautiful, touchable hair.

Marla Rosenberg
+1 864 968 0200